Minimalist Scrapbook Class- A guide to creating simple, beautiful scrapbook pages in less than 10 minutes.

Have you ever thought scrapbooking was overwhelming? There are so many supplies, techniques, and styles to choose from. Sometimes all of the money and time investment required to scrapbook, keeps people from actually scrapbooking when they wish they could start. Well, no more. In my new course, The Minimalist Scrapbook, I take away all the stress and overwhelm and show you how to start making beautiful scrapbooking pages that are simple and easy!

Minimalist Scrapbook Class

12 Beautiful Page Layout Sketches Provided

In this class, I provide 12 easy layout sketches. They show you exactly where everything goes on your page with a detailed description on what size photos and types of embellishments to use. Each layout takes only 10 minutes or less to make.

Minimalist Scrapbook Class

24 Real Life Inspiration Photos of Layouts

Each layout sketch comes with 2 photos of real life inspiration so you can see how that sketch comes to life. These photos show you how using different photographs and embellishments can create diverse layouts, all from the same 12 sketches.

Minimalist Scrapbook Class

An Easy Supply List is Provided

Scrapbooking is made easy in this class. Every layout in the class comes with a supply list of 5 or less supplies used to create that page. There are also links provided in case you want to buy the same exact supplies for your pages.

Minimalist Scrapbook Class
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What does this class look like? 

This class is a 16 page downloadable PDF. It is a digital product. Once purchased, you will be emailed a link to download your PDF copy of the class. You get to keep your PDF forever and make your own layouts and follow along with the class on your own schedule. 

Does This Class Ever Go On Sale?

No. All of my classes are filled with immense value and I offer the same awesome price on my classes all year long. Over time the price of a class may go up, but it will never go down. The best time to buy is now. :D

What Do I Need To Get Started?

Basic supplies used in almost every layout include white cardstock, adhesive, and your favorite photographs. A full supply list is providedfor each layout, but you can use whatever supplies you already have on hand or want to use. 

Can I Return or Get a Refund on This Product?

Because of the nature of digital downloads, once this product is purchased, it cannot be returned or refunded. You get to keep your PDF class forever and use it whenever you want. 

Who Is This Class For? 

This class is for two groups of people- Overwhelmed Scrapbookers and People Who Want to Start Scrapbooking.  Beginners usually don’t know where or how to start scrapbooking and feel like they have to buy all the supplies on the market just to get started. Seasoned scrapbookers are often burdened with all their supplies and ideas, that they don’t know where to start a project. In both cases, overwhelm keeps people from scrapbooking. You don’t have to be overwhlemed with what supplies to use, where to start, or how to create your pages. We show you how to scrapbook gorgeous pages that are simple, easy, and quick. You’ll learn how to create beautiful scrapbook pages that take less than 10 minutes to make and only a few supplies to create. 

Meet Your Instructors: 

This class has three instructors so you get an awesome range of different scrapbooking pages from different artists, all using the same layout sketches you'll be using in the class.

Minimalist Scrapbook Class Laura Rahel

Laura Rahel- Class Creator

I’m a 27 year old memory keeper and photographer living in Charlotte, North Carolina. I’m a feminist who is obsessed with Harry Potter and cats. I believe in creating the passion-filled lives we want for ourselves. I teach women how to create that life through self-love and how to document it through scrapbooking, because you and your life are amazing and I want you to know it.

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Minimalist Scrapbook Class Neftali

Neftali Zambrano- Class Contributor

I'm a paper loving, photo obsessed, crafty lady residing in beautiful Southern California. My happiness comes from creating beautiful memories  with my toddler and husband every day. I love recording the little unexpected moments with them in my scrapbooking adventures.

Website     Instagram     YouTube 

Minimalist Scrapbook Class Kristin

Kristin Tweedale- Class Contributor

I am a feminist scrapbooker living in East Lansing, Michigan. My passion lies in helping women document their lives through photos, stories, and pretty paper supplies. When I’m not scrapbooking, taking photos, or blogging, I love cooking farm-to-table cuisine, plant lady stuff, excellent television, & video games.

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Minimalist Scrapbook Class

Take the stress out of scrapbooking! In the Minimalist Scrapbook Class, you'll learn how to make simple, beautiful scrapbook pages that are quick and easy to make. Downloadable PDF class. 

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