My Infertility Journey

I live with something called Unexplained Female Infertility. I've known about my infertility for 9 years now. Here's a chronological capsule of all the posts I've written about my infertility journey, starting from the beginning at the top of this page and working down to my most recent posts on the subject at the bottom of the page. 

My Infertility Diagnosis Laura Rahel

My Infertility Diagnosis

The start of my infertility journey. The story of how I came to know about my infertility, all of the testing I went through, and the resulting rollercoaster of feelings that came with it...

Infertility- It's okay to have bad days

It's Okay to Have Bad Days

In order to heal and to move past the cycle of damaging thoughts and feelings, we have to face them. It's only with a lot of love and support (from ourselves and our closest, trusted people) that we start to heal. When you have infertility, hard days happen and they happen often in the beginning...

I Can't Have Babies.jpg

I Can't Have Babies

I was grocery shopping yesterday and almost burst into tears. A young man and his four year old walked past me, holding hands, giggling, having the grandest time just walking through the store. First I smiled and thought "how sweet, I can't wait until that's my life." Immediately following that I felt like I got drop-kicked in the uterus...

Finding Peace with Infertility.jpg

Finding Peace with Infertility

Whenever in a serious relationship (and you live in infertility,) and your significant other talks about their desire to have children, your mind immediately replies "What if I can't give you that..."

Tephlon and Infertility Link.jpg

Teflon and Infertility Link

Yesterday I read about the link between Teflon and other non-stick surface cookware and infertility. Toxins in this cookware can, especially in women, lead to infertility along with other assorted health issues. Here's the research...

Guide to being friends with someone who has infertility.jpg

Friends with Infertility

If you've ever known anybody who struggles with infertility or having miscarriages, you've probably experienced the emotional minefield you have to sometimes navigate to have a relationship with them. Here's how to be a good friend to them...

Choosing Happiness.jpg

Choosing to be Happy

In the last year, my life has changed tremendously, even more so in the last 6 months. I finally learned how to be happy by myself. I finally found self-worth beyond my failed marriage and lack of fertility. Here are the best 7 things I did for myself to become happy...

Infertility and a Fall Photo Shoot.jpg

Infertility and a Fall Photo Shoot

Fall is usually a really hard time of the year for me. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with unexplained female infertility. A devastating condition which means I may never be a mother. Last fall and winter, I struggled a lot around the anniversary of my diagnosis. Here's how I made this year much better...

Infertility Sometimes I don't even want kids anymore

Sometimes I Don't Even Want Kids Anymore

Infertility is hard. Sometimes, in order to protect ourselves, we have to fall in love with a different life, a different future, than the one we had planned. Instead of babies, we start thinking about traveling and adventures, success and independence. Because thinking about wanting a family or starting a family is too difficult, emotionally...

A Revelation about Comparision.jpg

A Revelation About Comparison

Lately, I've been dwelling on the fact that my 20's look nothing like most of my peers. I've been coveting some of the experiences they've had that I haven't yet (and maybe never will.) And here's what I've come to realize: when it seems like everybody is getting married or having children, I have to remind myself that it's OKAY that I'm not...

Sending a Great IVF Care Package.jpg

Sending a Great IVF Care Package

Having a friend whose going through IVF can be tough. Usually, they are experiencing things that leave them feeling defeated, emotional and upset. And sometimes we don't know how to best comfort them like we want to. Here's an awesome idea...

Infertility- Forgiving my Broken Body.jpg

Forgiving My Body

Infertility often causes women to feel inadequate. I used to feel angry and disappointed with my body... because my body is not capable of doing the most basic thing women were created to do. Here's how I came to forgive and love my broken body...

Infertility on Mother's Day.jpg

Infertility on Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the beautiful women out there who are mothers. While most people are celebrating you all today (and for good reason!) I wanted to share with you a reminder of the women that people often forget about today...

Thankful for My Infertility.jpg

Thankful for my Infertility

I know what you're thinking... "Did she just say she's THANKFUL for her infertility?" As little as two years ago, the word "thankful" would have never come out of my mouth in regards to my infertility. Today, however, it is a message that rings true to my core...

Infertility- The Importane of Choosing the Right Partner.jpg

The Importance of Choosing the Right Partner

Infertility is hard. With a husband, it's hard. But when your single and living with infertility it opens up a whole new dimension of problems that don't exist if you're already married and living with infertility. How do you tell someone you're dating about your infertility? When do you tell them? ...

Infertility as a Christian.jpg

Infertility as a Christian

It is a commonly believed thing that the most important thing you can do as a Christian woman marry a Christian man and then raise children of God together. It is a deeply rooted idea that is knitted into the church, in articles written by Christian publications like Upworthy, and in the minds of many Christians...

What 6 Year of Infertility Looks Like.jpg

What 6 Year of Infertility Looks Like

To most people, 6 years of infertility looks like I've given up. On the contrary; I have more hope, happiness and love in my life than I ever did before. And those dreams of having a family and having a baby are still there..

Negative Pregnancy Tests.jpg

Negative Pregnancy Tests

When you're living with infertility and trying to conceive, it's one of the most emotional things we can put ourselves through; month after month, seeing physical proof of our failed efforts to conceive. There is a lot of pain that accompanies negative pregnancy tests when you want nothing more than to have a child...

On Choosing the Right Path.jpg

On Choosing the Right Path

Choosing what to do with the rest of your life is a lot of pressure. I mean, it's the rest of your life, right? I started looking at things I'm passionate about that can be used to better the world. It comes back to relationships, infertility, helping people and being an encouraging voice to others who are going through these tough things...