Hello, Gorgeous- where memory keeping meets self-love.

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My journey and why self-love matters to me-
Divorce and infertility left me in a state of depression in my early 20's.
I knew I didn't want to live that way and I also knew I wanted to be the one in control of my life and my happiness. That's where my self-love journey started, trying to heal a lifetime of feeling "not good enough."

My resources-
After years of working 80 hours a week and going to school after my divorce, I decided I needed a break to heal and to learn how to live and enjoy life. I was burned out. So after I got my associates, I took time off school. I started doing yoga and scrapbooking. I made a community of girlfriends and people who I now call family. I moved in with the family I had been nannying for for several years, which allowed me to work less and slow down. I started taking better care of myself and learned different methods of self-care to make sure I was living a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. Eventually, all of this hard work and life changes came together and I started healing and found myself no longer threatened by depression.

That's when I realized the life-changing power that self-love had. It had turned my life around completely. Once I found out how it could change one's happiness and fulfillment in life, I wanted to teach others how to achieve it for themselves.

...So I made a class that brought together two of my favorite things- scrapbooking and self-love.


In the class, I walk each student through building their own memory keeping album in a way that shows major self-love, builds self-confidence, and teaches them how to document their story.  Here's a look at the class curriculum for Hello, Gorgeous-

Hello Gorgeous Course

This is what a student sees when they log in. They can see how much of the class and which lessons they've completed. Clicking each section takes them to a new lesson with videos, reading, and photographs on a self-love, memory keeping prompt.

Inside look at Hello, Gorgeous

Each lesson has a very specific purpose in teaching the student some aspect of documenting their story and/or showing self love. One example of this is the Unconditional Self-Love prompt where I urge my students to consider the difference between self-love and unconditional self-love. Self-love is a concept most of us are familiar with. Unconditional love is a concept most of us are familiar with as well. We practice and expect unconditional self love to and from our family, God, our friends, etc. But how often do you show yourself unconditional self love?

How often do you show yourself the same grace, forgiveness, appreciation, and kindness that you give so freely to others? Usually we are our own worst critics and are so hard on ourselves. What would happen if we practiced daily unconditional self-love though? How many more chances would we take, how brave would we be, knowing that we love and accept ourselves every step of the way and that nothing but kindness, grace, forgiveness and acceptance was waiting on the other end?

In this prompt, my students journal about the idea of unconditional self-love. They write about how it would change their lives and how they can start to practice it.

Hello, Gorgeous has 16 lessons, 13 videos and so much content and love in it to help each student learn to cherish their journey and themselves while also learning the importance of documenting their story.

I spent 6 months putting together this course that jammed pack with knowledge, fun prompts, videos and so many words of love of kindness. But how would I know that it had the impact that I intended it to? To find out, I got four beta testers to take my course before it launched. They got free access to my course in exchange for their honest feedback after taking it the class. Here's what I asked them:

1. How many lessons of Hello, Gorgeous did you complete? (Out of 16 lessons)
2. Why did you take the Hello, Gorgeous course/class?
3. How have you benefited from taking the Hello, Gorgeous class either in your scrapbooking journey and/or your self-love journey?
4. What was your favorite part about Hello, Gorgeous?
5. What's the most important thing people should know about the Hello, Gorgeous class?
6. How will the things you did and learned in Hello, Gorgeous continue to influence your life after you're done taking the class?


My four beta testers varied in age and experience with scrapbooking. I had one teen, two twenty-somethings, and one 30something beta tester. Two of my beta testers are experienced scrapbookers who love the scrapbooking community. One of the beta testers is relatively new to memory keeping and just started in the last year and the final beta tester used this class as their introduction to starting scrapbooking. I felt that variety amongst my beta testers was important for measuring the overall effect the class would have with different ages and experience-levels of potential students.

Here's what they had to say
about the class:



"I took Hello, Gorgeous to improve how I document my story and to put all the little pieces of who I am into an album. I have benefited from this class because I now document the tiny little details about myself that I didn't before. This is something I will really enjoy to look back on in years to come and to see how far I've really come. The prompts made me think outside of the box and it was all about loving the true, unique  you of who you are and documenting the little things that you don't necessary include in your everyday documenting. I wouldn't change anything about the class, I love it just how it is. I've really enjoyed this class and it's gotten me out of my creative comfort zone."
                                                                            - Lydia


" I took the Hello, Gorgeous class because I'm struggling with self love and finding my calling in life currently. I have greatly benefited from Hello, Gorgeous! I have learned so many tips/tricks from watching your scrapbooking style... Learned about project life, and how you get your incredible style. This class has also benefited me with my self love. I've learned to appreciate traits about myself that I don't normally think about. Also it's made me focus on myself for once. Mothers don't normally get a lot of that! I'm learning to love myself for the way I am. And getting some great inspiration. 
My favorite thing about the class is getting to create something about myself. You don't have to be a crazy amazing scrapbooker to take the class, you just need a desire to better yourself or your life. After the class is over, I will continue making my self love stronger. So I can love others more and become my happiest self."


        - Sarah


"The first thing that attracted me to the class is definitely my love for your work. And when I read the class is all about self-love I was sure it was something I needed. When I started the class I expected to struggle through the process but the prompts were so simple that I had no trouble working with them at all. Going through those simple ideas put my mind in perspective and helped me clear some things. We always have the impression that we know ourselves but I think most of us never really know who we are. I definitely know more about myself and by documenting everything in an album, I make sure I will never forget it. I think the ability to go back and remind myself how amazing I am is the best thing I took from the class.

Every time I went through another lesson I felt that it was my favorite so far! It's hard to pick between all the prompts. If I really had to choose a favorite part of the class, I'd say turning negative qualities into positive attributes was the most rewarding process in terms of self love. 

I think it's a class every person can benefit from. Even people that are happy with themselves can still take a lot by practicing the prompts and taking a deeper look into their souls. Also the videos of the scrapbooking process are all so simple and easy for anyone to follow even if they are beginners in memory keeping. I felt that the class was beautifully balanced. There was a good amount of everything that you would want in a class, design focused prompts, journaling prompts in a combination that focuses both on practicing self-love and documenting it."
                                                                                                                                                                                                         - Zinia


"I took this course in order to help me develop more self-love. I’ve been going through a lot of stress of trying to complete a master’s program and working two jobs. I wanted to re-learn how to love myself that way I can bring the same confidence that I feel to my students. I want to help my students feel as confident as I do, even of stressful days. I had a wonderful experience. My favortite part of Hello, Gorgeous class is that I got inspired to actually start an album dedicated solely to me. After taking this course, I know I will continue to practice self-love through memory keeping. Hello, Gorgeous was awesome. The videos were great and the music was catchy."
                                                                                                                                                             - Raisa


Are you ready to change your perspective and start practicing some major self-love? Sign up for the Hello, Gorgeous class and start your self-love journey today!

Thanks for reading about my journey and how I came to create this class. I hope you enjoyed the sneak peak inside the class and I hope to see you in the class!