2019 Goals

It’s a new year and honestly, it feels like a semi-new me too. After a difficult 2018, I am so ready to conquer new things and focus on creating my dream life. With the enthusiasm of a child in a candy shop, let’s talk about our 2019 Goals!

Laura Rahel 2019 Goals Paying off Debt, Saving Money, Simplify Your Life

For the first time ever, I am finally ready to take the advice of countless high achievers out there and really limit my focus and goals in 2019. They say if you choose only one or two things to focus on (instead of 10 or 20 like my usual new years goals and resolutions haha) that you are far more likely to achieve measurable progress in those one or two goals. And because I’m ready for a life change, I’m listening to the professionals this year and really limiting my focus for the year. Watch my goals video to hear more or check out my lifestyle YouTube channel here.

If you’re more into words than watching videos, here’s the nitty gritty of my 2019 goals. There are only 2 of them!

My 2019 Goals

1. Simplify My Life

2. Be Responsible With Money

Obviously there are lots of steps I can take within each of those goals to achieve them, but for the sake of being narrow in my focus, these are the 2 main areas I’m going to try and make progress on in 2019. What do these goals look like when broken down?

Well, being responsible with money means getting out of debt, spending less money, and saving more money. So I’m going to be doing some fun challenges this year to help me with those goals. I’m super excited about it and have already shared some videos about this goal on my channel. Make sure you’re subscribed over there to see my monthly savings and no spend challenges, my monthly budgets, and end-of-month progress check-ins!

The goal of simplifying my life is hilariously enough, a more complicated goal with more steps. It looks like healing for me, and making healing a priority by going to counseling (trying new forms of counseling because I am super interested in healing old neural pathways that were created in times of trauma and continue to cause anxiety in my present day life which is absent of trauma.) It looks like minimizing my anxiety by creating routines and habits that make me feel good mentally, physically, and emotionally. I’m not adding pressure to myself to go to yoga everyday or meditate daily, or anything like that. That would be a separate goal. But keeping the goal of simplifying my life in my focus all the time means I will more than likely choose these things that help me to feel at peace and content more regularly, without making them the goal. (They are simply a vehicle to help get me to the real goal- being content.) Of course, simplifying my life also means decluttering my environment too, and I’m excited to share that journey on my YouTube channel throughout the year. Simplifying my life can be broken down into a lot of different actions I can take, but for now, I’m trying to keep the perspective zoomed out and not worry about the little things and little goals within the larger one, and instead just be driven by the large goal.

I would love to hear what your 2019 goals are, especially if we have any in common. Let me know what they are in the comments below.

Until next time, xo, Laura