Diy Christmas Balls Using Stickers

With the holidays quickly approaching, my decorating and nesting mode is taking over. You know how you always see all those gorgeous diy Christmas ornaments? Well, I've always wanted to jump on the "make your own Christmas ornaments" trend but I've always been too much of a perfectionist to hand letter on my own Christmas balls. This year, however,I had a brilliant idea for making the most gorgeous, easy Christmas ornaments ever.

Diy Christmas ornaments using mambi stickers

I simply chose some of my favorite mambi Christmas stickers and mambi alpha stickers and put them on gorgeous porcelain white ornaments. Simple, so fast and totally gorgeous end results. I love them so much!

Diy Christmas ornaments using mambi stickers
Diy Christmas ornaments using mambi stickers
Diy Christmas ornaments using mambi stickers

Supplies used- mambi Christmas stickers and mambi black alphabet stickers

If your stickers are large and in one piece, you may have to use scissors to put some stress cuts along the edge of your sticker so it can lay flat on the curved surface of the ball. I did that with the "Merry + Bright" sticker. The "Laura and Stephen" ball I made using individual tiny alpha stickers, so no stress cuts were needed to have those lay flat. I'm so excited to have finally tackled this DIY project. It's given me a little courage to try another one! Maybe I'll even take permanent market to the next ones and try out my own hand lettering -gasp.-

Are you going to try this awesome diy Christmas ornament idea? If you do, make sure to leave a link below so I can check out your projects!


2015 December Memories Album Makeover

Tis' the season... to do some Holiday memory keeping! Last year I loved having a December mini album and I knew I wanted to keep it up this year too. This year I'm using the December Memories kit by Gossamer Blue + I also picked up the Jasmine Jones mini kit from Ali Edwards. I just want all the pretty Christmas paper crafting goodies!

This year's GB December Memories kit came with a kraft colored mini album from Simple Stories. While I love how thick it is and the gorgeous red fabric binding with white Christmas sentiments printed on it, I am not a kraft person. So I immediately got to work on giving my 2015 December Memories Album a makeover.

2015 December Memories Album Makeover
2015 December memories album makeover

Instructions- This album makeover was easy breezy. I used washi tape to protect the fabric binding and then gave the kraft colored part of the album a few coats of white acrylic paint. It needed a good 4 coats of paint to be completely opaque. Then I used a narrow tipped paint brush to paint little holly berries and leaves onto my white album, making a fun Christmas print.

2015 December Memories Album Makeover
2015 December Memories Album Makeover
2015 December Memories album makeover

I also painted the inside of the album white but left the holly print only on the outside. I like the inside of my album to be minimalist and white so all the attention is on the pages and photographs. I super love the way my album turned out this year! Last year I also gave my December Memories album a makeover, but I think I'm in love with this year's makeover even more. Simple, clean + classy.

And here are some of my base pages I made for this year!


I've found that making base pages is such a great way to get a head start on my album so it's not too overwhelming to start once December arrives. Because I don't know how many photos or what color or orientation (horizontal or vertical) my photos will be for each day, I keep my base pages loose. I don't attach days to them in case that day's photos won't match or fit, which keeps the base pages fun and no stress!

Will you be changing your album's cover this year or creating base pages? Happy Holiday crafting!


Laurel Lane Designs Project Life Favorites

So you all know about my etsy shop where I sell Project Life journaling card sets that I design. I figured it was about time I started sharing with you some of the gorgeous layouts that have been made using my journaling card designs!

Laurel Lane Designs Project Life Layout by Amy

Laurel Lane Designs Project Life Layout by Amy Challisuk.
Products used- Notes Journaling Cards Vol. 1
Notes Journaling Cards Vol. 2

Laurel Lane Designs Project Life Layout by Steffie

Laurel Lane Designs Project Life Layout by Steffie van den Akker.
Products used- Currently Vol. 1 Journaling Cards Kit

Laurel Lane Designs Journaling Card Photo by Kim

Laurel Lane Designs Journaling Cards photo by Kim.
Products used- Everyday Adventures Journaling Cards

Laurel Lane Designs Mini Album by Kristie Van Ham

Mini Album using Laurel Lane Designs by Kristie Van Ham.
Products used- Baby Edition Journaling Cards Vol. 1

Laurel Lane Designs project life layout by Zinia

Laurel Lane Designs Project Life Layouts by Zinia.
Products used- Everyday Adventures Journaling Cards

Laurel Lane Designs Project Life layout by Jess Ellertson

Laurel Lane Designs Project Life layout by Jess Ellertson.
Products used- Everyday Adventures Journaling Cards
Day in the Life Journaling Cards

I'm so lucky to have such incredible ladies working with my designs! Make sure to check out the Laurel Lane Designs etsy shop to pick up some of my gorgeous Project Life digital cards!

What have you been memory keeping lately? Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you're making lots of happy and yummy memories with your loved ones today.


How to Catch Up with Project Life Like a Boss

(This post was originally written for and shared on the Gossamer Blue blog.)

Hello everyone, Laura Rahél Crosby here with you today. As the title of this post might have hinted, I’ve started catching up on a ton of memory keeping I was behind on this year, and I feel a little sassy because of this major success. I documented 2 whole months (February + March) in only two days. That more than 15 layouts!

Seriously, this might be my new superpower.

So if you’re in a rut and need some help catching up, have no fear. Today, I’m sharing my best tips for catching up in your Life Pages album!

How to Catch up on Your Project Life Album Like a Boss

Why are you behind? For me it’s usually a lack of motivation. For others it’s often time.

We get bored documenting the same everyday moments, we get so far behind that it seems way too overwhelming to ever catch up, or we simply lack inspiration. If you’re lacking inspiration, here are my tips to find some-

1) Treat yourself to a few new scrapbooking items from your favorite online store. There’s something about brand new supplies showing up at your door that’s so exciting. I set a $20 shopping limit for myself and picked up a couple of highly coveted items I’ve been wanting. Pretty gold number paper clips from the new Dear Lizzy collection and the vellum hearts in this month’s Gossamer Blue kits were at the top of my list! Having a box with gorgeous new paper supplies show up at my door was the perfect thing to get me in my craft room to start using them immediately. You don’t have to spend a lot, just buy a handful of new items so that you’re reinvigorated to start the memory keeping process!

2) Stop looking at other peoples layouts. Yes, they are gorgeous. Yes, they are inspiring. But when you’re lacking inspiration to make your own layouts, looking at other people’s gorgeous creations isn’t going to do anything but make you feel more defeated. Instead, get inspired by the things around you. The gorgeous photographs you took at the park last Saturday, the feeling of overwhelming joy and love you feel when your significant other cooks you dinner. Get inspired by moments and by your environment. Take a walk outside and be inspired by the landscapes around you. These are the things that make you feel alive. And that feeling is what makes us so passionate about saving these moments through memory keeping.

Gossamer Blue Scrapbooking kits

Now that we’ve covered how to get inspired and motivated, let’s talk about the actual act of catching up. Here are my best tips-

1) Set aside time. I set aside an entire Sunday when my boyfriend was out of town, to focus on nothing but making things with pretty paper. One whole day dedicated to your memory keeping catch up game is all you need to make a huge dent in your backlog of memories that need documenting. I picked a day when I knew I wouldn’t be tempted to leave my craft room for dinner or Netflix with my guy. A day that was purely for me making pretty things in my happy place.

2) Energetic background noise.  Put on an upbeat movie that makes you feel creative. I chose Legally Blonde 1 + Legally Blonde 2. All of the pink and the sassy “be yourself” message was exactly what I needed to inspire me while I was creating. Choose a movie that you’ve seen so many times that you know the lines to it + love it. This way you stay focused on your projects and use it more for background noise. If you choose something new, you’ll end up watching the movie instead of crafting, haha.

3) Work on the floor. So much room to spread out! Working on a desk or a coffee table, or even the bed, can feel so confining. There’s not enough room to make a huge mess and get out all of your embellishments and page protectors and photographs. Working on the floor is great because you can make a huge mess and see everything you’re working with at once.

4) Work from a kit. Everything from your papers down to your embellishments will already be color and theme coordinated for you! This takes out so much of the work involved in choosing the right supplies. The June Gossamer Blue kits are just a dream and worked perfectly for me during this catch up session! Who wouldn’t love all the bright pops of color?!

Project Life by Laura Rahel

5) Pre-print your pictures! Selecting, Editing, and printing your photos is probably the most time consuming part of the memory keeping process. Knock it all out at once so you don’t have to stop after each layout to print out more photographs. I printed mine in batches. I printed all of February’s photos and documented February then printed all of March’s photos and moved on to documenting March.

6) Remember your why. Why are you a memory keeper? For your kids? For your own creative outlet? For me, it’s because one- I love pretty paper and two- because even though my life is pretty boring- not married, no kids, I work from home and I have 3 pets- I know I would regret it if I didn’t chronologically record my memories to look back at later.

Your why is the most important part of your memory keeping process. Not how you memory keep (smash books, Project Life, traditional scrapbooking, whatever.) Not what supplies you’re using or what page protector layouts you use or your method (physical vs. hybrid vs. digital.) At the end of the day, none of those things are more important than your WHY. Why do you record your memories? It doesn’t have to be perfect or pinworthy, it just has to get down into your book so you have it to look back on later.

How to Catch Up with Project Life Like a Boss

I hope you loved these tips and are inspired to have your own memory keeping catch up session! I would love to hear your tips for catching up and see what you make with your June Gossamer Blue kits. Until next time, loves. Keep memory keeping, like a boss.