Grateful for 2014

I am so grateful for 2014. All the time I was able to spend with family, all the traveling I was able to do, all the time I spent working and learning and investing in new hobbies. There are numerous blessings that found me in 2014.

But none of these things can compare to how excited I am for 2015. I am so thrilled for the New Year and all of the new changes that are coming. First things first, I just quit my day job two weeks ago! This week, I am for the first time ever, officially focusing on working on my businesses and working from home. My mind is going 1000 miles a minute with all of these ideas I have and I cannot wait to bring you all into the loop as I continue to grow and focus in the New Year. So many wonderful and exciting things coming! I hope your New Year is looking this bright, too!


DIY Canvas Wall Art Quote

I've got a super fun and easy diy project for you all today! Take a look:

- Canvas
- Pencil and Eraser
- Painter Marker

- Freehand one of your favorite quotes in pencil on your canvas. Write over your pencil marks with your painter marker. Erase any stray pencil marks left behind and enjoy your gorgeous new art piece! I think I'll be trying this one again with other fun colors because I love how it turned out.

I think a handmade home is so lovely. I just love having pieces like these around the house. Touches of me and my creativity. What diy projects have you done lately? Do you have any planned for after the holidays?


Project Life Layout of Our Aquarium Date

This layout is one of my absolute favorites I have ever created. That's the fun thing about creative endeavors. You're always outbeating your best. I'm in love with all of the pinks and blues. I used some of my old Gossamer Blue kit leftovers and some of my own Project Life designs from this kit in my ETSY shop.

The end result is a layout I'm head over heels for. I'm so excited to be taking this simpler approach to my layouts lately. I want to acquire less. Good things happen when I use things from my existing stash of paper products in combination with my own designs. Do you use hybrid paper products?