Infertility- The Importance of Choosing the Right Partner

Infertility is hard. With a husband, it's hard. But when your single and living with infertility it opens up a whole new dimension of problems that don't exist if you're already married and living with infertility. (I would know, I've been both married and single during this long journey.)

For example, when do you tell a potential boyfriend, spouse about your infertility? How do you tell them? How do you deal with wanting a family, and not being able to have a family, when you don't have a partner to even think about overcoming those burdens with? How do you choose the right partner? There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right partner when you're single and have infertility.

For me, even when I was single (not dating) it burdened me to think about all of these things. I got lucky in finding love with my best friend because he already knew my story. I didn't have to tell him. Though, surely we had to talk about it once we started talking about dating. Did we both want kids? How far were we each willing to go to have a family (are both of you on the same page about IVF, adoption, not having children, and other choices you may be faced with?)

Though we don't talk about children often (we will do the whole marriage thing before we make any real decisions,) it is something that I bring up on occasion. The last week has been one of those occasions, constantly. "Hey, hunny, you should give me a baby. That way I can put it in a cute little snow suit and we can have such fun during the winter." "Hey, babe. we should have lots of cute little kids. A whole bunch of them."

Usually his response is something funny like "Hunny, keeping kids in snowsuits would make it awfully hard to change their diapers when needed." Something that lets me know that we aren't worried about having (or making) kids right now, but that one day we will try. Something reassuring that lets me know that we are in this together. We want the same things and one day we will try to have those things.

These little conversations are sweet. And they let me know I'm safe. I know I've chosen the right partner. One who will be by my side if we don't have children. One who will be by my side if I want to try every single option of having a family once we are married. One who is by my side right now in the in between while we are neither married or trying. I know my heart is safe because I've chosen a partner who loves me (despite all of my quirks) and is making this journey with me.

And I remember what is was like to be single. Single with infertility. I remember how important choosing the right partner is. On this journey, there are plenty of obstacles. You'll have tenfold fewer if you choose the right partner.

xoxo, Laura

December Memories 2014 Album Cover + Base Pages

Today I'm sharing my cover and base pages for my 2014 December Daily using the new December Memories kit. December Memories is a mini album kit that comes with a 6x8 album, tons of gorgeous papers, inserts, journaling cards and embellishments. Everything you see in the photos below came with my pretty kit!

First, let's take a look at my album. You can see what it looked like before, with stripes, and what it looked like after with the crisp, clean white background. I love customizing my album covers to be 100% my style. For my album cover makeover, I used washi tape to tape off the gorgeous green binding and painted the rest of the album white with several coats of white acrylic paint. Then I added a gorgeous gold glitter reindeer with bells around his neck, using hot glue. The reindeer came from the dollar store.

December Daily 2014 3.jpg
December Daily 2014.jpg
December Daily 2014 2.jpg

An now, here's a peak at my base pages for this year's album. There are lots of fun inserts, full pages of pretty paper, and see through pockets with fun elements like sequins and vellum. You'll see a lot of blank spaces for me to go back and add photos or more project life cards later. I didn't want to plan "too" much because I like to style my page around my photos. So I left blank spaces for photos and didn't worry about making anything too permanent.

Watch the blog for even more Gossamer Blue December Memories fun this month! I'll be sharing updates as I add to my album and I'll be doing a fun flip through video of my album once it's all finished

More of my December Memories | December Daily album can be seen here-
2014 December Memories Base Pages
2014 December Memories Album Part 1
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2014 December Memories Album Flip Through Video


November Gossamer Blue Inspiration

Hello, hello ladies! It's that time of the month again- all of us ladies over at Gossamer Blue are sharing some of our favorite layouts using this months kits. In case you didn't know, Gossamer Blue is an amazing kit club. Which basically means that you sign up for a subscription (much like a magazine subscription) and they mail you a package full of the latest, most gorgeous scrapbooking goodies each month, along with paper products that were exclusively designed for their kits that month that you can't find anywhere else.

It is easily the happiest mail I receive all month. Today, we are all working with the November kits and I can't wait to share what I've made! The November kits were all so gorgeous, I decided to work with all of them and make a layout quite different from my usual. Instead of sticking with my usual simple style, I went crazy with the colors and embellishments. The entire layout is a chaotic mess of beautiful embellishments and I'm entirely in love with it.

Products used- November 2014 Life Pages Kit, November 2014 Life Pages Add-on #3, November 2014 Main Kit, November 2014 Life Pages Main Add-on.

What I love most about this kit club is the amazing community of women, inspiring one another. My second favorite thing about this kit club is the GORGEOUS products. I mean, seriously, look at all the pretty things I got to play with this month! The kits were filled with the latest Maggie Holmes goodies, all of which I was planning to buy anyways and then it came with my kit! It's so great to be a part of such an awesome kit company. Receiving the newest and prettiest supplies every month is every bit worth subscribing.

While your here looking at what I made with the November kits, check out what some my fellow design team members made this month too! Every single one of these ladies is so talented, it blows me away that I get to be on the same design team as them.

Anabelle O'Malley               Beshka Kueser              Brenda Weaver             Cindy Liebel
Diane Payne             Emily Spahn                 Erin Taylor                 Eunyoung Lee           Jill Cornell
Heather Leopard                Jill Keller                    Kasia Przbyt                 Katie Ehmann
Keisha Campbell              Maria Lacuesta                 Melanie Blackburn            Michelle Wooderson             Nicole Harper           Rebecca Luminarias              Sabrina Alery                 Vanessa Perry