My Radical Self Love Bible

I've started a new journey this month and I am very (quietly) excited about it. The journey to a self-love so deep and so honest, that I can open up and finally tell myself, "Even if you are never more than what you are today, you are more than enough."

Because self-love is easy when you have big dreams and ambitions and you're working really hard to accomplish them. Having those things makes you awesome, right? But here's the thing.... loving the person you want to become is not the same thing as loving who you are right now (before you're successful.) I need to focus a little more on the right now. I need to focus on the fact that who I am right now is worthy of my own love. Without success, still carrying around debt from my young 20's, still without a clue what career I might have in the future- this person is still worthy of my own love.


They call it the Radical Self Love Bible and it is an amazing concept. The class is taught by the ever fabulous Gala Darling. I've been thinking about starting my own Radical Self Love Bible ever since Caylee shared bits and pieces of hers. Well, September is the time for new beginnings, am I right? Here's a sneak peak at my Radical Self Love Bible.

It'll probably change (the order of pages, maybe even some of the pages) and I'm only on week 3 of 12 so there will be many more inserts and pages to come. But so far, I'm already glad I started this class. Yah for creative classes that make you appreciate how wonderful you already are!

I'm doing things a little differently than Miss Gala instructs. Instead of using gorgeous cutouts that inspire me from magazines, I will only be using photos of myself. Because isn't that the idea of the Radical Self Love Bible? To be the one who inspires herself, to love yourself, and to have a place that's all about you? The problem is, I have a lot of photographs in mind that I don't actually have of myself... which means I'll be needing to do a photo shoot or two for this project to create the pictures I want for my "bible" and I'm pretty excited about that, too!

What projects are you currently working on? Have you ever taken a creative class? This is my first one!


PS. You may notice a lot of things will slowly start changing around here. I'll be putting in a ton of work to tweak my blog and make it a little more of what I want :) This may include changing the photo sizes, adding lifestyle posts and organizing existing posts a little better. Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see more of!

PSS. Everything in this post was made using the September kits from Gossamer Blue!