How to Put Together a Gorgeous Letter

In case you missed my original post on Gossamer Blue, I'm sharing it here today, on my blog. (In honor of this weeks post about sending more pretty mail in 2015.)  Hello gorgeous people! I am super excited to show you guys how to put together gorgeous outgoing mail today. We all love receiving beautiful letters in the mail. When all you’re expecting is bills, mail like this is such a wonderful surprise!

My elements for the perfect outgoing snail mail package include:
-A personal letter/card
-Some fun elements and goodies for them to use
-Mail Tag
-A gorgeous envelope

Supplies: September 2014 Main Kit, September 2014 Life Pages Main Add On Kit

First, you’re going to start by taking a plain sheet of colored cardstock and use your paper trimmer to trim down your 12×12 sheet into something card-sized. I chose to trim down to 5×12 size. This allowed me to have two 5×12 cards for my letter from the same sheet of paper.

Next, create a trifold card by folding your card at the 4 inch and 8 inch marks. Now you’ve got a good base to start your letter. I chose to embellish the front of my card and the greeting inside using gorgeous stickers from the kit. You can make an envelope using a 12×12 patterned cardstock paper from the Main Kit. (If you don’t know how to make a homemade envelope, you can find plenty of video tutorials online!)

Playing “Mail Tag” is a great way to learn new things about your pen pals or to stay updated with your long-distance friends. Ask questions like what their favorite summer recipe is or what is one major project they hope to take on this season. These questions are great ways to stay involved in their lives. Sometimes, when you’ve been lifelong friends with somebody, you don’t know what to write about- it feels like you already know everything about each other!

I always like to include gorgeous extras for my pen pals like pretty paper or Life Pages cards. Most of my pen pals are also avid crafters or scrapbookers, so they enjoy receiving pretty scrapbooking goodies with their letters. I took some of the extras from my Life Pages Main Add On Kit and included those.

Keep your letter color-coordinated throughout to make sure it’s beautiful and simple, even though you’re sending quite a bit of happiness in one letter. This letter has a simple teal and pink color palette with a few gold and pine colored accent pieces. I love how the kits simplify this process; pull any number of items out from the kit and they will look fabulous together!

Beautiful Mail is the perfect way to cheer up somebodies day and let them know that they are often though of. What will you be making with your September Gossamer Blue kit?