DIY Notebooks + Journals

I am so excited to share this new diy with you guys today: how to make your own cute journals and notebooks. If you're anything like me, you keep random notebooks and journals all around for taking notes, writing reminders and practicing your hand lettering. So being able to personalize my notebooks and make them gorgeous is very exciting for me!

- Patterned paper
- Paper Trimmer
- Blank computer paper or lined notebook paper
- Needle + Thread or cute bakery twine

Print off your patterned papers and cut them down to size you want for your notebooks. My largest notebook was 5x7 inches when finished, so I printed that paper to 10x7 inches (because it will get folded in half in a moment.)
Cut down your blank computer paper or lined notebook paper to be approximately 1/4 inch shorter on all sides than your patterned paper. Fold all of your papers in half. There are all kinds of fancy bone folding and scoring tools that can help you fold them so that they lie really flat afterwards, or you can just use your hands.
Put your blank computer paper or lined notebook paper inside of the patterned paper, which will serve as the cover of your notebook. Use a needle to poke holes every 1/2 inch apart down the spine of your notebooks if you're using needle and thread to bind your notebooks. If you want to use a thicker twine, you can use this tutorial on how to thread and tie off your notebook with a cute bow.
Then you're all done! I love this adorable way to use patterned papers. It helps you get the most out of your digital paper purchases, they aren't just for scrapbooking! Now that I have all these adorable notebooks laying around, I have to figure out how I'm going to use each of them. I used blank computer paper in all of mine because I think I want to try a daily hand lettering challenge soon and these notebooks will be perfect for it. What's your favorite way to use digital papers?