How to Make a Triangle Project Life Page

Hello gorgeous people! Today I'm sharing this fun paper crafting diy with you. How to make a triangle project life page. Triangle pages have been gaining popularity very quickly over the last month on social media and though very time consuming, they are gorgeous!

Here's what you'll need:
- Project Life page protector
- 3/4 sized photos and paper
- Paper trimmer
- White gel pen
- Ruler
- Needle and white thread

- Use your paper trimmer to cut your 3x4 photos and paper diagonally in half- from one corner to the opposite corner. 
- Using a ruler + white gel pen, mark where you'll need to sew your page protector in order to get 12 3x4 spaces. Then use your ruler and white gel pen to draw a straight line diagonally through each 3x4 pocket. 
- Insert the bottom half of each triangle photo or paper into it's pocket.
- Sew diagonally up the pocket from bottom to top (so you don't end up with extra plastic or air down in the bottom.)
- Insert the top half each triangle photo or paper into it's pocket and sew horizontally across the top of each pocket so your triangle inserts won't fall out.

This page took me a total of about 9 hours (throughout the course of 3 days) to complete. From choosing my photos and coordinating papers to trimming them down and hand sewing each of my pockets. I chose to use a page protector that originally had 6 horizontal 4x6 pockets, because I rarely (if ever) use this design of page protectors and thought even though it would be extra work to sew each 4x6 vertically in half to get a 3x4 pocket, that it would be worth getting a use out of a page protector that came with my variety pack that normally would have sat there, unused.

If you have a sewing machine, I imagine this whole process would go much quicker! I didn't mind hand sewing- it was time consuming, but so worth it for my gorgeous straight lines. My biggest tip is definitely use a ruler and white gel pen to mark the lines you'll have to sew. Your white thread will later cover up any gel pen marks, and it's such an easy step that makes everything look crisp and well executed.

I used this page front and back to show off some of the photography work I did while I was on vacation in Florida. I decided to start incorporating more of the work I do for my business in my layouts because let's be real, being an entrepreneur means that not only do I love my work; but these activities take up the majority of my days and nights... and they weren't being documented at all.

Will you be trying this diy out?