DIY Collage Envelopes

I love traditional letter writing. A passion that has only increased my creativity since I started The Lovely Mail Exchange. Today I wanted to share with you guys how to make your own collage envelopes for sending out lovely hand written letters.

What You'll Need:
Magazine Clippings
Mod Podge

This project is so simple and quick, but has a major impact on the gorgeousness of your outgoing mail. Simply use Mod Podge to adhere the magazine clippings to your envelope. I like to put one coat in between the layers of paper and one more on top of the magazine clippings. Mod Podge is not only an adhesive but a waterproof sealant, which means your pretty envelopes will withstand rain, sleet and snow without falling apart.

You don't even have to use magazine clippings (I just like adding phrases and words to my envelopes, I love the story it tells before they even open their letter.) All the flowers and hearts on these envelopes were cut outs of wrapping paper I have! How awesome is that?

Happy weekend, lovelies. I hope you send lovely mail to somebody you know.