Sending a Great IVF Care Package

Having a friend whose going through IVF can be tough. Usually, they are experiencing things that leave them feeling defeated, emotional and upset. And sometimes we don't know how to best comfort them like we want to.

The IF (infertility) community is amazing. The women I meet and get to know are such beautiful women. Trying as hard as they can to have the family they dream of. When my dear friend, Jessah of Dreaming of Dimples was going through IVF, I decided that the best way I could show my love and support towards her wasn't simply just through my words online, but in sending her a care package made just for her. She had been feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and emotional. So to brighten her day, I sent her an IVF care package.

Sending a Great IVF Care Package

The first step to sending a great package is picking a theme. Care packages that follow a theme are so thoughtful. They require you to think about colors, scents and items that would best suit the person you are sending them to. I went with a lavender scented/purple colored theme.

Items I included:

1. A card (life is a beautiful ride, enjoy it) with a long personal note inside explaining the contents of the package.
2. Lavender Epson salts for a soothing and healing bath. Seriously guys, Epson salt is amazing. Add two cups to your steaming bath, soak for 45 minutes. You sweat out toxins and impurities. It helps reduce swelling of joints, soothes aching muscles and helps bruises heal faster. And the lavender scent? Absolutely wonderful for opening your sinuses (especially if you've been crying a lot lately) and helping your mind relax and be present instead of worrying about yesterday, today and tomorrow.
3. An amazing book (Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner) I had recently read. This book was written by one of my favorite authors and was so engrossing. You really get lost in the character's stories. Plus, IVF is actually part of this book. When you relate to the characters, it helps you get lost in their world for a little while. Escape your own worries. Perfect way to spend that 45 minute bath soak.
4. Lavender-vanilla aromatherapy candle. For relaxation and destressing, again.
5. Diy jewel hair clip. To add a little sparkle to your day when you're feeling blue.
6. Peppermint chap stick. For soft lips and kissable breath. To help you reconnect with your spouse and encourage you to spend some quality time being affectionate together. Because IF/IVF is hard on a marriage/relationship and sometimes we have to remember that our relationships need as much attention as our worries. And make-out sessions have great anti-stress, happy-inducing benefits!

Could you image coming home to a package like this at the end of yet another long, worry-filled day? Just what your IVF girlfriend could use to help her relax and escape her worries for a few nights.

What would you include in a great IVF care package?
I'm always looking for more fabulous ideas!