Red & White Project Life Layout

I'm still playing catch up on my album this year- which is a-okay with me. Here's a spread from Feb that's a little different than my usual! This week was filled with a lot of fun. Valentine's day. I won a  Nanny of the Month award through my agency. Went to a Parachute concert (for free, we were on "the list!") and got to meet the lead singer. A really fun week overall and I thought that called for a little rock in my layout.

To achieve a bolder look for the week of the concert, I added punches of red to an overall black and white theme. All of the dark red cards are from MAMBI (Me & My Big Ideas) and the dark red is actually foil so it's reflective and lots of fun! So much bolder than my usual look. It's fun to experiment and change up the creative process once in a while but I'll be excited to get back to my usual light and airy layouts after this week!