My 52 Lists Mini Album

This year I started Moorea Seal's 52 Lists project. I LOVE this challenge tso far, (obsessive list-writer that I am,) so I decided to do my 52 lists in a mini album.

Say hello to my new 52 lists mini album!

It's set up like project life, but in a smaller 6x8 format. Making a separate mini album for this project instead of including it in my annual Project Life album makes it easy to keep track of and document the entire project in one place.

Week One- Words That Touch Your Soul
Week Two- List of Your Greatest Comforts
Week Three- Things You Should Be Proud Of

There you have it! Weeks 1-3 are done and you're probably thinking "We're on the 5th week of the year though.." to which I reply "That's okay! I'll catch up, maybe." I have sooooo many projects going on, it's hard to prioritize which ones I like best. Which means I usually end up working in bulk on a single project while I'm in the mood, then the next week I'll switch to something else. In other news, I have been super busy filling orders in my ETSY shop so thank you guys!! I am seriously so excited that you guys love my sequin letters so much!

Happy Thursday, xoxo,