Project Life Update- Our Trip Past the WV Waterfalls

Have you ever felt uninspired to scrapbook or tackle project life because the pictures you have are just not that great? I have a confession. I feel like this all the time. The last couple years of my life, I have relied on my old iphone to keep track of all my major life events, celebrations, and everyday moments. As a result, most of the pictures I get printed are low camera phone quality images, with skin tones too warm and they always look fuzzy. It's such a bummer when you look back at a moment and you remember it being so much more beautiful than the images you now have to remind you of it.

So to resolve this issue, one of my resolutions for the new year, is to be more intentional about capturing these every day moments. Grabbing my actual camera for pictures, instead of relying on my phone per usual. It's more work and a lot less convenient to have to go searching for a camera in the middle of a moment instead of taking my phone out of my back pocket but it's something I need to work on none-the-less. Because I live in some pretty breath-taking moments sometimes, and I never want to forget just how beautiful they really were.

In the meantime, here's a project life spread I did from this summer, when I was feeling completely uninspired by the pictures I had to print off.

In this spread I used the 5th and Frolic core kit from project life, to mesh together two different events that had completely unrelated pictures. During our road trip home from Michigan we stopped at this gorgeous waterfall in West Virginia. The pictures of the waterfall are stunning, but the ones of us were a little overexposed. On the opposite page, we were celebrating Stephen's 25th birthday by going out to eat. The images from that outing were over saturated, and way too warm. (Last time I'll print at Walmart, thank you very much.)

Anywho, I picked some matching filler cards to blend the two pages together, since they sit side by side in my album. Then I embellished one pocket by adding cute wood veneers from Studio Calico and sewing that pocket shut. I simply LOVE using wood veneers for embellishing pages with a lot of wilderness elements on them!

Do you ever struggle with feeling uninspired to document great memories simply because the pictures are blah? How do you overcome that obstacle?

xoxo, Laura