DIY Floral Monogram

I'm sure by now everybody has seen this awesome diy project by Urbanic Paper. It's been floating around on Pinterest the last couple of months and last night I decided I was gonna give it a go! Here's my version of the diy floral monogram.

Project Materials
- Paper maché letter
- Hot glue gun
- Floral blooms
- Exacto knife
- Foam insert (optional- gives height to your floral blooms)

Project Instructions
- Hollow out your paper maché letter using your exacto knife to remove the front of your letter.
- Trace your letter onto foam and cut out the foam letter
- Insert the foam letter into your paper maché letter
- Use your hot glue gun to adhere the floral blooms to your foam insert
- Enjoy your gorgeous new monogram!

- If you want your blooms to sit entirely inside of your letter, skip the foam letter insert. I liked the texture of having some of the flowers exceed the depth of the letter so I used some scrap foam that came with my new Ikea expedit shelves!
-If you have a co-ed household you may wanna stick with less feminine colored bloom. Stephen was glad I didn't use pink and red flowers to fill our letter haha.

I was really pleased with my diy floral monogram. It took me about an hour to complete- mostly because it takes me so long to figure out the best order in which to place my blooms. The designer in me wants to make every floral project absolutely perfect. It took me a while to find paper maché letters because Michael's doesn't sell them. I finally found them at Hobby Lobby and was delighted at all the possibilities.

What craft project are you taking on this weekend?
xoxo, Laura