DIY Boot Shapers

Happy Monday Lovelies!
I spent the weekend working (a little,) talking with Stephen about our future home (more) and crafting (a ton.) That's right- we've been looking at houses! Even more exciting (for you guys at least) is the results of all that crafting.
Lately, our walk-in-closet has been a mash up of all my belongings- clothing and craft supplies. I hated the way my beloved boots were bending over at the ankles. They were loosing their form and it was really hard to keep them nicely in the closet among the rest of our shoes.
So I decided to fix this problem.
This project is super easy, although it is a little messy so be prepared to vacuume a little faux fur fuzzies up afterwards!

Project Supplies
-Faux Fur
-Pool Noodle
-Hot Glue Gun
Project Instructions
-Cut your pool noodle down to the height of your boots. It's very easy with a non serrated knife. I was able to get 2 pairs of tall boot shaper forms from only one noodle!
-Use your hot glue gun to adhere the faux fur to the pool noodle. Once you've wrapped the fur around your noodle once, cut off the excess.
-Trace the circular base of your noodle onto the back of the faux fur and cut 4 circles out.
-On two of those circles, slice a small line in the middle of the circle.
-Feed your lace through that slice and adhere each end of the lace onto the backs of the circles. This  forms a lace loop on top of your faux fur circles, making it easy to pull them out of your boots later.
-Use your hot glue gun to adhere one plain circle of faux fur onto the bottom of your pool noodle form. Adhere one faux fur circle with lace pull onto the top of your pool noodle.
-Insert into your boots and enjoy the instant satisfaction of keeping your lovely boots in thier intended structured shape!

This diy projects was one of my favorites because it fixed a problem I was currently having. Plus they turned out fabulous, functional and my boyfriend even complimented my creativity afterwards :)
It took me a couple of hours, two pool noodles and 1/3 yard of faux fur to make 3 pairs of varrying length boot shapers. Each pool noodle was two dollars and the 1/3 yard of faux fur only set me back six dollars, bringing this total project cost to $10! Even better is that I still have supplies left over for another pair of boot shapers, I just don't have a fourth pair of boots right now. Maybe an excuse to go shopping? Just kidding!
I'm going to love having my boots stand tall and beautifully in our new walk-in-closet! If all goes well, we're expecting to have our house built and moved into in 6 months from now. I can't wait.