DIY Canvas Tote Bag

Hello gorgeous people, and Happy Monday!

I wanted to share this gorgeous diy project with you today before I leave for Charlotte for the next week or so. When I saw this post from Ella Claire, I knew I had to make my own version. The project was really simple and cheap. I only had to buy the $7 bag from Michael's and everything else I already had on hand!

For this bag, I chose to stick with my first and middle name, since I love them both, and this way I can use my bag no matter what the occasion (for photography, blogging related events or personal everyday use.) Monogrammed ribbon, floral fabric and lace fit my personal style to a "t."

Make Your Own DIY Canvas Tote Bag

Canvas bag from Michael's- $7
Fabric paint- $3
Scrap fabric, ribbon, flowers and embellishments- all on hand

The great thing about this project is that it allows you to personalize it to fit you. There's no set instructions on how to create the perfect bag. Just grab your hot glue gun and get to work :)

I am obsessed with my new bag! I use it all the time. I may add a few more fabric flowers up top later, since those are my specialty. If I were to do it again, I would probably do a screen print like Kristen did with her bag instead of free handing my own font with fabric paint but alas, for a quick project, I love the results. No love lost here. I want to make a canvas tote for every lovely person I know now.

Affordable, easy and lovely- that's my kind of crafting.
What projects are you working on this week?