Single Girl List

This is me way back when I dyed my hair. Don't worry, I'm still my natural dirty blond!

I'm SINGLE. And I'm going to EMBRACE it.
So I put together this list.
This list of things that are focused on me going out and making the most of myself. Living life, having fun, improving myself.
I call it my "SINGLE GIRL LIST."
So here's what I want to accomplish:

- Go canoeing
- Go hiking
- Dedicate at least 5 minutes a day to loving on my baby girl
- Read 52 books
- Attend at least 3 concerts
- Volunteer at least 20 hours
- Run a 5K
- Move at least once
- Buy fresh cut flowers at least once every 2 weeks in my future place
- Buy something wonderfully expensive and just for me. (Like this.)
- Learn to cook well.
- Bake something different at least once every week.
- Pay off all of my debt. Including my car! (Big dreams, I know!)
- Attend a pottery class
- Have a good workout routine and religiously abide by it at least 3 times a week
- Go white water rafting
- Picnic in the park
- Be a REALLY good friend
- Take a dance class. Ballet anyone?
- Take a kickboxing class
- Try yoga
- Check out the Smithsonian museums in DC
- Keep a journal
- Truly organize and purge my life of unnecessary or excessive possessions
- Let go of the desire to have children and let Him show me what He wants me to do in life
- Always admit when I've fallen in love
- Protect myself if it's obvious I'm going to get hurt
- Go parasailing
- Go on a tropical vacation with at least one good friend
- Put soap in a public fountain- and don't get caught
- Write an honest list of all my faults
- Address some of those faults
- Get really good at shooting (My aim currently blows)
- Get concealed carry permit in whatever state I'm living in
- Buy a gun
- Check out a new city
- Let a man do all the pursuing while dating
- Stop trying to master so many hobbies. Pick one and focus only on it.
- Plan a friend's baby/engagement/bridal shower
- Have a spa day complete with all the pampering you desire
- Go on a mission trip

Any ideas ladies? Anything you wish you would have done when you had more time to yourselves or anything you'd recommend?
Who wants to join me on this and make their own SINGLE GIRL LIST?

Happy Thursday everyone!