The Year We Were

In case anybody new is catching up, one of my jobs is taking care of kids.
The family I'm working for now, I've been with for almost 2 years.
I love them.
I got my Christmas present from them in the mail yesterday.
I am so excited! It's the first monogrammed thing I have ever owned in my life!
She had gone to the website and I picked out the color, pattern and monogram style. So I knew what I was getting, but that only makes it better because I'm getting exactly what I wanted.

I love it. It's something I wouldn't normally have spent that much money on myself, making it a great gift. I want to monogram everything I own now :P
Side note: Apparently you're supposed to put your last name initial in the middle because that's the biggest letter and then your first and middle initials on either side. I thought that was just silly. My initials have been LRC my whole life, why would I want something that says LCR? So I did what I wanted and I love it.
What was your favorite Christmas present this holiday season?