Meet Laura

Meet Laura: 
On weekends, you'll find me snuggled up with my border collie, Claire and taking on various do-it-yourself home decor projects. Playing Battleship with friends and stalking Pinterest are commonly seen at my home.
This blog will focus on-
Laurel Lane Accessories. My lovely little shop that sells affordable, one of a kind hair accessories that I design.
Infertility. I live with something called unexplained female infertility. Read my story here.
Life. And the funny, miraculous and heartbreaking things that happen along the way.
Love. Maybe finding it :)
Faith. Trying to find my way back to God after suffering the loss of a marriage, an engagement and finding out that I cannot concieve.
Craft Projects. I love diy projects and I hope y'all are inspired by the crafts I share!
My theory on life-
Women are complicated. 
We grow up and change. We run hazardously toward things that make us happy. We fall in love. We have our hearts broken. We heal. We are naive. We are strong. We forgive. We create lives. We live and love outside the constraints of tangibility. 
Women are simple.
We are beautiful.
I love babies and surprises.
Photography is one of my passions, you can see my work here.
You can see my family's photo session here.
You can see my life list here. It's full of my ambitious, dreams and goals.
If you have any questions you can email me at laura.rahel.crosby{@}