Travel | Exploring Tucson, Arizona

Last summer, I had the most wonderful trip to Arizona to visit some of my family who had moved there. Arizona was much like I expected: hot, dry, dead. Because I went in the middle of summer, there weren't any pretty succulents or dessert plants growing besides cactus. There were a lot of dead bushes and there are no trees or grass until you start going up the mountains because it's just too dry at ground level. So my sister, Ashley, and I took to the nearest city- Tucson, to explore some of the more exciting things "the middle of nowhere, AZ" offers.

The city was gorgeous. Despite it's general lack of greenery (which I have a fond affection towards, growing up in the Midwest,) the skies were bright blue and clear for days. Being in it's dry season, meant no clouds. Which, my friends, is absolutely AMAING when it comes to stargazing at night. You haven't see a proper night sky until you've seen it in the dessert. No clouds, no trees or tall buildings to block your view, no ambient light. Everything is pitch black and the starts are bright and everywhere!

The architecture is beautiful. There is so much Spanish influence in their buildings. Within the city, they've done a lot of landscaping, too. Pretty palm trees and tall green bushes line some of the buildings. It was hot outside and we didn't last very long walking along the streets, downtown, exploring. But what we did see, was pretty. Exploring downtown is such a fun, cheap date. Appreciating all the buildings, taking photos to document my trip + our time together. I loved it. Even if I'm not quite sold on Arizona as a place to live, yet.

Did you do any traveling last summer? Where is your favorite place you've ever visited?



Florida Trip- Part Two (Girl's Trip to the Beach)

On the second to last day of my trip, my baby sister and I packed up my car and headed to the beach. Her school was on Spring Break, so we stopped and picked up one of her friends on the way. (So glad that she sacrificed most of her week to hang out solo with her big sis- that was awesome!) One of my goals for the New Year has been to take more & better photos of everyday life, so I grabbed my camera and made sure to document our girl's day!

Mission: document photos of my everyday life; success. Sometimes, I'm so busy being a photographer for other people, that I forget to document my own life! Slowly but surely, I'm improving with that. March of this year's project life album is going to be ridiculously packed with all of these adventures and photos.

What did your spring break look like? Also, I'm not sure about my new blog design- opinions?


Florida Trip- Part One (A Birthday Celebration)

I'm still on vacation, visiting my family in Florida but I'm going to have so many pictures afterwards that I decided I should probably get a head start sharing them now. I arrived in town late Sunday night and Monday happened to be my dad's 49th birthday (perfect timing.) Baby sister baked him a cake and the four of us enjoyed an evening together. The four of us made a small but happy birthday party.

I love that this trip has allowed me to see the potential healing power of God. The potential happiness that comes from a family unit that accepts, loves and is kind to one another. The trust I've put in God towards my role within my family. The forgiveness He's helped me work on, softening my heart and allowing me to slowly step in a forward direction.

What has God been working on in your life, lately?

xoxo, Laura