New Christmas Journaling Cards in the Shop!

I always get so excited in the month of December because documenting Christmas is one of my favorite memory keeping projects of the whole year. Today I'm sharing a new pack of Project Life journaling cards I have up in my etsy shop, perfect for scrapbooking your holiday season!

I'm totally geeking out over my hand lettering. It's improved so much over the last couple of years and I adore these journaling cards, they are so cute! There's also a few abstract paint patterns and patterned filler cards too. Lots of gorgeousness.

I wanted to create a Christmas Project Life journaling card pack that was super fun and playful while also speaking some sentiments that are so important to remember during the month of December. The presence/presents card is one of my favorites because it's such a good reminder that Christmas (and even December Daily or December Memories,) isn't about the stuff, it's about being with your loved ones. Yay for sweet reminders. 

You can get this Project Life Christmas journaling card kit, designed by me, in my etsy shop. You can also find lots of other gorgeous Project Life designs there too! What are you using to document your December?


Laurel Lane Designs Project Life Favorites

So you all know about my etsy shop where I sell Project Life journaling card sets that I design. I figured it was about time I started sharing with you some of the gorgeous layouts that have been made using my journaling card designs!

Laurel Lane Designs Project Life Layout by Amy

Laurel Lane Designs Project Life Layout by Amy Challisuk.
Products used- Notes Journaling Cards Vol. 1
Notes Journaling Cards Vol. 2

Laurel Lane Designs Project Life Layout by Steffie

Laurel Lane Designs Project Life Layout by Steffie van den Akker.
Products used- Currently Vol. 1 Journaling Cards Kit

Laurel Lane Designs Journaling Card Photo by Kim

Laurel Lane Designs Journaling Cards photo by Kim.
Products used- Everyday Adventures Journaling Cards

Laurel Lane Designs Mini Album by Kristie Van Ham

Mini Album using Laurel Lane Designs by Kristie Van Ham.
Products used- Baby Edition Journaling Cards Vol. 1

Laurel Lane Designs project life layout by Zinia

Laurel Lane Designs Project Life Layouts by Zinia.
Products used- Everyday Adventures Journaling Cards

Laurel Lane Designs Project Life layout by Jess Ellertson

Laurel Lane Designs Project Life layout by Jess Ellertson.
Products used- Everyday Adventures Journaling Cards
Day in the Life Journaling Cards

I'm so lucky to have such incredible ladies working with my designs! Make sure to check out the Laurel Lane Designs etsy shop to pick up some of my gorgeous Project Life digital cards!

What have you been memory keeping lately? Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you're making lots of happy and yummy memories with your loved ones today.


Gorgeous Project Life Journaling Cards

I'm so excited to be sharing some gorgeous new Project Life Card designs with you all today! I wanted to make some more sets that centered around life at home with family, quality time, week in the life; that sort of thing. I think it was a success! Check out the three new kits I've released.

Day in the Life Journaling Cards

There they are in all their hand lettered glory. I love the messy, hand made look in my scrapbooks. These Project Life journaling cards are definitely a little different than my usual but oh so good. I took ideas from friends and of course from my Laurel Lane Designs Design Team ladies on what themes and journaling prompts they wanted. Everyone seemed to want more family, children, simple life at home oriented cards.

You can find all three new sets of these Laurel Lane Designs Project Life journaling cards in the shop! I hope you guys enjoy! Make sure to use the tag #laurellanedesignsldesigns on Instagram to share your layouts and to check out what other people have been doing with my Project Life journaling card designs. Happy scrapbooking!


Baby Collection- Laurel Lane Designs

When I think about all my mama friends out there, I wonder why many of them don't have a memory keeping system in place for their little ones. Most people take photos, sure. And print a few of them here or there. But many mamas don't keep a chronological scrapbook of their baby's lives. The "why" is big and understandable. Mamas don't have time, mamas don't know where to start, mamas don't have a simple and fast way to keep their baby's memories in a physical album.

So I wanted to change that. Introducing The Baby Collection. A simple + gorgeous memory keeping collection with everything you need to record your baby's first year.

I created this collection with all my busy mama friends in mind. I wanted to give them something easy and simple. Timeless black and white designs that are cute for baby but sophisticated. I wanted to give mama's everything they needed for baby's first year. There are monthly updates for you to record everything from baby's weight to their sleeping habits and milestones. Photo stamps with each of the first twelve months of baby's life so you can easily remember the best moments from each month and record your favorite photographs.

I've included Project Life journaling cards, perfect for a baby's first year mini album. This is just a peak at some of the goodness that's included in the Baby Collection.

I am so excited to be sharing this collection with everyone! So much heart went into making these designs. So much time went into thinking of the perfect memory keeping system that would be both quick and gorgeous for all those mama's out there. It's as simple as printing cards, putting them into page protectors with your photos and writing down your favorite memories.

I hope all you mamas love this collection as much as I do! Now available in my Etsy shop. Happy memory keeping!