5 Ways to be Inspired When Creativity is Running Low

Do you ever have one of those days (or weeks/months/long stretches of time) when you feel completely uninspired to create? It happens to me all the time. Sometimes we feel like we've already created everything good we will ever produce. Sometimes we feel weighed down by the pressure (that we usually put on ourselves.)

Either way, when an artist or creative is feeling uninspired it's almost a rather tragic feeling for us. It actually takes away from our happiness and well-being because creating is what we feel called to do in life. It's an icky feeling, one you shouldn't have to feel. So today I'm sharing my top 5 ways to be inspired when creativity is running low.

5 Ways to be Inspired When Creativity is Running Low

1. Go Outside + Have an Adventure. Go for a hike. Being surrounded by mountains, greenery and gorgeous landscapes always leaves me feeling inspired to create. Sometimes all we need is a breath of fresh air (literally,) to feel reinvigorated. (This photo was actually taken at Hanging Rock State Park after a couple of girlfriends + I decided we needed a change of scenery to be inspired. We ended up getting some stellar photographs that day!)

2. Try Expressing Your Creativity in Another Way. When I'm feeling uninspired to start a memory keeping project, I'll pick up my camera and go shoot a pretty portrait session. Expressing your creativity in any way will help get the creative juices flowing again. Maybe you're a cook whose feeling stuck or uninspired in the kitchen- try doing a 100 day painting challenge. The phrase- "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have," is true! Find another way to express yourself and soon you'll find yourself inspired to create again.

3. Listen to Your Favorite (Story-Telling) Music. You know that album that makes you feel "all the feelings" or the artist who seems to be writing about your life in their songs? Put on their music and let it fill you up. Emotions are the source of our creativity. My go-to inspiring music is the most recent Taylor Swift album. By the 8th song, I find myself knee deep in a new art journaling project, getting out all of my feelings.

4. Clean + Declutter Your Space. Wherever you usually create, make that space clear of distractions. We need an empty space to allow our ideas to grow. Clutter + distractions make us feel heavy and weighed down. When you simplify your space, your art has room to come into creation and starts to do the talking + expressing for you.

5. Invest in Something New. An order of new scrapbooking supplies is the quickest way to get me back into my craft room, working on my album. Especially when it comes in the mail, it's like opening a package on Christmas and I can't wait to use my new toys! Keep it simple, though. Invest in just a few new items you've been coveting. That way you'll be inspired when they arrive, not overwhelmed by the whole new mess of things you bought.

5 ways to be inspired when creativity is running low

Those are my top 5 ways to get inspired when I'm stuck in a creative rut. Do you have any go-to sources of inspiration to get you back in your groove?