How to Make a Mini Album

This week I was going through my disaster of a craft room and racking my mind for a solution to all of my paper scraps. I am so pleased to share with you guys what I came up with! This paper project cost me nothing and used up a ton of gorgeous paper scraps I had laying around. I used this video as a guide and got to work making my first mini album!

How to Make a Mini Album
1. Pick your paper.
2. Trim them all down to fit in your book.
3. Use washi tape to bind your pages together
4. Embellish

 And here's how my first mini album turned out:

I just love my first mini album! I chose a mostly pink theme with touches of silver glitter, navy blue, black and white. Completely girly and perfectly pretty to sit in my sisters bedroom. My baby sister is turning 16 next month, folk! (Oh my, 16 already? I know!) She doesn't actually scrapbook or have much interest in it, so I decided to make this little book for her, filled with some of her best pictures and her favorite color of course.

I also left a lot of little blank spots around the album where she can journal some things about turning 16. Maybe her favorite things, future dreams, current obsessions, details about her life at 16, whatever. Going through all my supplies inspired me so much, I can't wait to make more mini albums in the near future. I adore the way this one turned out. Not too shabby for my first try, I think!

What do you guys do to scrap your stash?