10 Summer Memories You Should Scrapbook

Summer has arrived, and with it, there are lots of activities and opportunities to make awesome memories and take beautiful photographs for you to scrapbook. If you're unsure of what memories to include in your scrapbook or what memories you want to make this summer to include in your album, here's a list of 10 summer activities you can do to get started making an awesome summer scrapbook album. 

10 Summer Memories You Should Scrapbook This Summer

10 Summer Memories You Should Scrapbook

1. Days at the Pool- Most of us are able to get to a pool or a beach at least a few times during the summer. These days spent soaking up the sun, having handstand competitions, and splashing around with our family or friends are days we won't want to forget. Days at the pool or beach are part of the everyday, normal things that make up a lifetime of memories spent laughing and being with others. Make sure you document these everyday moments just as much as the big, life-changing events. 

2. Concerts- Summertime is perfect for concert-going. If you're looking for a fun summer activity to do on the weekend, try catching cheap seats at a local concert. Cheap seats are perfect if you're trying to find an activity all of your friends can do, and you can often find lawn or standing tickets to concerts starting at $15/person. Take photos of the concert, of your and your friends, and bonus points if you happen to get a photo opportunity with a member of the band like I did in this layout! 

10 Summer Memories You Should Scrapbook This Summer

3. Days at a Theme Park- I try to go to a theme park once a year or so. I've been to Busch Gardens in Virginia plenty of times, Harry Potter World at Universal, Disney World, and Carowinds (all on the east coast of the USA, where I live,) throughout my adult life. Theme parks often have a separate water park for summer fun, too! Document your day among roller coasters, sliding down a water slide, or floating on a lazy river with photographs you can later scrapbook. 

4. Eating Your Favorite Summer Food- For me, it's watermelon! I love taking photographs and documenting memories that are part of the everyday moments that make up our lives. Document who you are and who your loved ones are this summer by photographing or recording things like their favorite summer food, favorite summer songs, or favorite thing to do during the summer. You'll find that over the years, these favorites change as you and your loved ones change. It's awesome to be able to look back at a scrapbook later and remember who you were and what you loved during the summer of 2017 or the summer of 2005, etc.

5. Your Summer Playlist- As mentioned above, including a soundtrack of your favorite songs is an awesome way to document this season in your life. It's so cool to be able to look back in 10, 20 or 50 years from now and remember what songs were really popular or constantly on your iPod. Take a photo of you or a loved one dancing to the radio, listening to an iPod or iPad with headphones in and scrapbook your summer 2017 playlist. It's also awesome for looking back at later and seeing how technology has changed. From Walkman in the 90's to stereos and CD players in the early 2000's, to the modern iPod. It'll be cool to look back and see what technology you were using and songs you were loving this summer. 

6. Hiking or Camping Trips- I'm not huge into camping, I'm much more of a luxury hotel kind of girl, myself. But I do still love checking out new state parks and hiking trails in the summer. (Not every weekend because hiking is not my idea of lots of fun, but those views at the top sure are worth it!) Get online and see if you have any mountains, lakes, waterfalls, or trails near you and take a day-trip to check one out! You'll get some awesome views, pretty photos, fun memories, and an awesome scrapbook page out of it!

10 Summer Memories You Should Scrapbook This Summer

7. What You Look Like- A couple of summers ago, I was always in tank tops, rocking red lipstick and a short, wavy hairstyle in my natural light brown color. This summer however, I have hair that's half way down my back and white, I usually wear nude lips and rock crop tops. Our style and the way we look changes every season and every year. Make sure you document what you look like this summer and your go to style choices. It's one of those things that's fun to look back at and compare over the years and seasons, how you changed!

8. Bonfires- I don't know if it's just a Midwest thing because I see it way less often now that I live in North Carolina than when I lived in Michigan, but bonefires are a huge part of summer living in some parts of the United States. Getting some friends together and making s'mores, playing music and having fun around a bonfire is a lot of fun. There are also so much fun photo opportunities at a bonfire- take photos of you and all your friends, photos of making s'mores or making a mess trying to make s'mores, and photos of you all roasting marshmallows. Bonfires are awesome because they are another low-key and low-cost summer activity that most of us are able to do.

9. Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, or White Water Rafting- Stand up paddle boarding is trendy this year but in case that's not your jam, try kayaking or white water rafting! There are lots of fun water activities you can do solo or with friends or family. All of them are awesome photo opportunities. Add those memories to your scrapbook!

10 Summer Memories You Should Scrapbook This Summer

10. The Fourth of July- If you're in the USA, the Fourth of July is an awesome day to document and scrapbook. Lots of food, dressing up in patriotic clothes and hairstyles and accessories, and oh my goodness the parades, fireworks, and festivals. It's amazing and such a good feeling with everyone coming together to celebrate their country and make memories together. All those colorful outfits, activities, and fireworks will look awesome in photos. Make sure you include this in your summer scrapbook for sure! (Non-USA friends, substitute any local summer festival you have for this one.)

And if you don't know where to start with your scrapbooking or memory keeping, my class, Minimalist Scrapbook, will teach you how to make beautiful, simple pages in 10 minutes or less. Perfect for summer and keeping things low key so you can save most of your money and time for getting outside and making those memories! 

Let me know in the comments below if you'll be keeping a summer scrapbook this year. Happy paper crafting!